Our mission

We strive to be a leading pension fund, using our collective strength to provide pensions based on the principle of solidarity and services tailored to individual requirements in the care and welfare sector. By being transparent, committed and focused on sustainable operations, we work constantly to maintain and advance our position.


PFZW is established by the employers’ and employees’ organisations in the care and welfare sector. The Board of Governors (Dutch) is responsible for defining policy and operating the collective pension scheme. The Pension Council (Dutch), consisting of participants, pensioners and employers, is also an important part of our organisation. As well as extensive powers of recommendation, the council also has the right of approval in some instances.


PFZW strives to achieve a high and stable return in order to offer all participants an affordable, high quality pension. We also have a social responsibility. For many years now, investing responsibly (Dutch) has been an important principle in determining our investment policy.  

In order to provide clear information on our activities and policy, we publish annual lists (Dutch) of all investments, asset managers involved and their investment mandates. We also apply criteria whereby we do not invest in certain companies.

An insight in 2022

PFZW publishes an annual report every year. In this overview you can read how PFZW performed, what the financial situation was and a lot of other insights about the company in 2022.

Responsible disclosure
PFZW attaches a great deal of importance to the security of its systems. In spite of the attention devoted to system security, it is possible that a weak spot may have been overlooked. Should you find a weak spot in one of PFZW's systems, we would like to hear from you, so that the necessary measures can be taken as quickly as possible. Read more...